PSG Ratings Guide

My ultimate plan with this blog is to give everything I do a PSG Rating – a quantifiable way to know if you’re up to doing a certain activity.  PSG, of course is short for Plus Sized Globetrotter, meaning I’ve tried this activity personally or one of my trusty contributors has.  Find your number below and moving forward I will give all of my blogs a PSG rating!

Everything will be on a scale of 1 – 10, with 1 being the easiest and 10 being the most difficult.  Below find my interpretation of each level of difficulty:

1 – Folks with severe mobility restrictions – such as those in wheelchairs or requiring a walker and/or cane.  Will be wheelchair friendly and require very little activity.  Examples: Shows, Luaus

2 – Folks who are not restricted totally mobility wise.  Can get in and out of a bus or van.  Mainly will include sitting with some limited walking.  Example: Bus tours, theme parks

3 – Folks who are slow movers but can handle some walking with frequent access to rest stops.  Can climb up to a half a flight of stairs if necessary.  Examples:  Boat tours, short walking tours, helicopter tours

4 – Folks able to be on their feet up to an hour.  Can climb 1-2 flights of stairs.  Examples: Fishing tours, some snorkeling tours

5 – Folks ok with being on their feet for over an hour with limited or no break time.  Can climb a ladder.  Examples:  Rafting tours, bike tours, snuba

6 – Folks who are comfortable walking on uneven ground.  Folks able to get up from the ground unaided.  Examples:  Hiking tours, kayaking tours, stand up paddle boarding, scuba

7 – Folks who can handle rough movement.  Possible weight limitations.  Folks can hold themselves dangling from a bar.  Examples: Surf lessons, parasailing

8 – Activities with strict weight restrictions.  Folks must be able to jump off of a bench and land on their feet without help or difficulty.  Examples: Ziplining

9 – Active fluffy folks only.  Folks that can handle some running and can handle extended physical exertion.  Examples: Hike and Kayak combos, Kite Surfing

10 – Folks who consider themselves to be very fit and able.  Examples:  Rappeling