PSG Worldwide Theater Seat Guide

*** This page is a very early work in progress ***

The goal of this list is to give you an idea how fluffy friendly seats are at theaters (and theatres), sporting events, movie theaters, event seating in general.  I’m obviously not going to be able to create this list alone, so please send me your PSG rating for your local theaters, or those you’ve visited, and I’ll add them to the list.  I’ll try to give every theater 2 numbers with the lower number being for lady fluffs up to a size 22 and the higher numbers being for lady fluffs size 24+.  (GENTLEMEN FLUFFS, HELP ME WITH THE MENS GUIDE WITH SIZES PLEASE)

PSG Theater Seat Guide Lines will be on a scale of 1-5:

1 – Super roomy seats horizontally and vertically.  Will be comfortable with both arms down and for the tall fluff ball as well.

2 – Nice space – if you are able to raise the arms between two seats.  Only really helpful if you’re sitting with someone open to you raising the armrest and sharing that negative space in between.

3 – Not ideal in width and pitch, but good enough that you’d not mind returning to the theater. Probably has either a width issue with pinched hips, or a pitch issue with squished legs.

4 – Incredibly tight seats combined with extremely limited leg room.  Will be painful, but doable if you’re determined.

5 – Most fluffies, even minor fluffies, will find it a difficult seat to remain in for an extended period of time.  For super fluffs, like myself, you may not fit at all.

Alphabetical by theater name:

Capital One Arena, Washington DC – PSG Theater Rating 3/4

Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA – PSG Theater Rating solid 2 (a lot of seats are open benches, sections with seats have no arms.)

Juanita K Hammons Hall, Springfield, Missouri – 1

Lyric Theater, NYC, NY- PSG Theater Rating 3/4

Maui Arts and Cultural Center, Maui – PSG Theater Rating 3/4

Nottingham Theatre Royal, UK – PSG Theater Rating 4/5

Palace Theater,  London – PSG Theater Rating 3/4

Pantages Theater, Los Angeles – PSG Theater Rating 3/4

Warren and Annabelle’s, Maui – PSG Theater Rating 4/5